Spencer Rigging Superyachts Limited is delighted to welcome Tim Haynes and Tim Paull on board to set up and develop the new Spencer Rigging Superyachts Superyacht Division. World renowned, the two T’s are respected throughout the superyacht industry and provide consistent, excellent quality service as well as innovative ideas and optimum performance for high performance and superyachts alike. Align this with Spencer’s historic expertise in classic racing yachts and you create a dynamic team – Spencer Rigging Superyachts.

Founded in 1958 by Harry Spencer, Spencer Rigging is a name to go down in the History Book of Superyachts: Harry sailed as well as worked on the biggest and best yachts in the world. Now his son, Mark Spencer, is developing the engineering division of this thriving, progressive business and is happy that his dad’s passion for ‘all things superyacht rigging and sailing’ is being continued by Tim as a Director of the company.

Spencer Rigging Superyachts have workshops and offices in Shamrock Quay, Southampton, Cowes and Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth. The superyacht team are therefore ideally located on UK’s south coast and able to reach anywhere in Europe in a few hours.

With their superb teams of specialist riggers and consultants to call upon at a moment’s notice, happy to work anywhere in the world, Spencer Rigging Superyachts are ready to give clients an excellent service while at the same time being supremely effective, efficient and economical.

After a very successful Perini Cup 2013, Tim Haynes and Tim Paull will be attending the Monaco Yacht Show 2013.

If you would like to see them to chat through a project, discuss products and ideas or just to have a ‘catch up’ please let Julia know: julia@spencerrigging.co.uk or telephone +44 (0) 1983 292 022 and she will be happy to make a convenient.

Meet the team
Every member of the Spencer Rigging Superyachts team is capable of running a rigging refit / service programme themselves, nevertheless together, each using their individual skills, they have created a team which offers unsurpassable excellence to the world of rigging.